Green River Marathon 


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The GRM has always and will always be a FREE Marathon.

- Having said that - donations are accepted and are really appreciated.

- Rest assured, no one will ever be harassed for any donation.

- All of my certifications for my races are valid thru 2019.

- Will decide before 2019 if we will continue with certifications or not?

I am thinking about not having any T-Shirts for the 2018 GRM?

- If I do decide on shirts, I will order a lot less and give them (FREE) to the Volunteers and to Anyone who really wants a shirt.

I am thinking about not having any Pasta Party for the 2018 GRM?

- With no shirts, attendance will go down.

- I will definitely miss this - especially meeting the runners who come from all over the country and even other countries.

- I already miss not handing shirts out at the Hotel the two nights before the race. (Even though I was out of town this year 2017).

I am thinking about adding a Half Marathon to this event?

- This event will always focus on the Marathon First.

- If a Half Marathon is added, I am thinking of finishing at the 13.1 mile mark (Not at the 26.2 mile mark)?

- Although, Finishing at 26.2 may work also? Still thinking?

- The Half will be run on a certified course either way.

- Because of the logistics - I am not sure if I will make it a NYC Marathon Qualifier or not - depends on volunteers etc. - Again (Marathon First Event).


- I am not taking any kind of survey or anything but, if you want to comment on anything email me:


Green River Marathon and all volunteers are not responsible for any injuries or deaths. The Green River Marathon is a free run; the aid is free, the run is free, the shirts are sold at cost, there are no bib numbers, there are no awards, and no one is paid. This is a low key run amongst friends. If you require special assistance or are unsure of your abilities please think twice about running 26.2 miles, unless you take necessary precautions. You must have medical clearance from your doctor before you begin any exercise program or running in any marathons. It is not our intent for anyone to get hurt while running the Green River Marathon.

Last updated 07/14/2017